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Why are there less servers?

Miniclip released an update on 05|05|16 that stopped legitimate private servers from working. The servers were still up but no one could connect to them. We're working to get the servers back up.

Why are there less players?

Due to the update the old links to the servers no longer work and so a lot of people are unable to connect (if you see a name with Chinese type characters that's often someone attempting to connect).

How do I get a custom skin?

Custom skins are awarded to the top 50 players in the rankings. If you are in the top 50 and want your own custom skin, first find an image on the web. Go to http://goo.gl and enter the image URL into Google's URL shortener. Copy the last part of the URL. For instance, if the URL is http://goo.gl/3wQAZI copy 3wQAZI. When you start the game, paste the copied text inbetween two pipe characters: | |. So 3wQAZI becomes |3wQAZI|. If you have room with the 15 character limit for names, you can then enter your name after |3wQAZI| and play with the custom skin. If there's not enough room you can start the game and change your name to your normal name when you die (you don't need to add the skin URL again - you should still have the skin). Or just play with any name.

How do I get a black skin?

Players in the top 10 can play with a black skin if they start the game with their ranked name.

Why do some players have black names in the leaderboard?

As well as being able to play with a black cell, top 10 players also play with a black name. To them, their name is red, but to everyone else, their name is black.

I saw a gold name in the leaderboard, what's that?

The top ranked player plays with a gold name.

How do the rankings work?

The rankings are calculated for each game. To get a ranking, you need to play a minimum of 3 qualifying games. Qualifying games are games that: